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Our origins

Intex produces an extensive range of molded polyurethane products. We work with our base raw material suppliers (chemicals and pigments) to develop formulations to meet customer specific needs. 

At Intex we can develop formulations and deliver products for:
  • Integral skin foams
  • Office furniture
  • Automotive products - in-mold coatings for chemical resistant finish
  • Healthcare - in-mold coatings for waterproof finish eliminating the need for sewn covers
  • Fire retardant foams - office and home furnishings
  • Semi-rigid and flexible foams
At Intex we have worked with our customers from the prototyping stages, through proof-of-concept testing with end-user customers, industry groups and regulatory authorities; culminating in high volume, automated, robotic controlled production lines. 

Intex History:

Formed at the height of the recession in early 2008, Intex has only known a tough, competitive world to succeed in. 
Steve Colvin - owner and principal, originated from the Royal Technologies group and was schooled in the fundamentals of quality products, on time delivery and competitiveness. These values were essential in establishing Intex as a preferred supplier to the leading office furniture manufacturers and key automotive suppliers.

With the delivery of a new fully automated production line in April 2011, Intex has doubled its production capacities. Intex has already been successful in supplying products to the domestic and global marketplace, and with this increased capacity and flexibility, we are poised to expand into new markets with the addition of new products and expanded global reach. 

The Intex Mission:

Intex Technologies, LLC will continuously strive to be our customer's reference point in terms of quality, personalized service and value, while incorporating earth-friendly solutions. Our environment of a diverse and talented team, working together to follow our values will allow us to accomplish our business objectives of profitability, operational excellence, stewardship, growth and the pursuit of opportunities. 

 Established in May of 2008, Intex Technologies LLC is a privately held, independent company located in Hudsonville, Michigan.

    Primarily a manufacturer of integral skin polyurethane foam products, Intex also offers the ability to manufacture molded flexible foam products such as seat backs and cushions.

    Intex offers a proto-typing service for the development and testing of parts prior to going into full production. A universal mold carrier has been designed to fit the Intex production systems, so that all testing can be carried out on real-time production systems.

  Intex strives to bring back high volume manufacturing to the US.

Working with key customers to reduce inventory (Intex delivers to some major customers 5 times per day). One major customer reduced inventory from 14 weeks to 2 hours by bringing their component sourcing back to US shores.
beating reject requirements (Intex received a 99.9998% score in a 2011 1st quarter review with a major customer)
Cal117 and green rating by US regulators already achieved and documented on all components, eliminating any need for testing and certification on imported goods.